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The tragic events of September 2001 and the escalation of conflicts around the world have focused attention on the urgent issues of world peace and human security. The seeds of the Cultivating Peace project were sown out of these events and the belief that long-term solutions require substantial shifts in how people of all cultures view global citizenship, conflict resolution, respect for human rights and care for the earth. Cultivating Peace is also founded on the belief that the strongest force available to shape cultural change is education.

Cultivating Peace Resources
The goal of the Cultivating Peace initiative is to create classroom-ready resources for schools across Canada that will assist teachers and community leaders to educate for change. The programs created through this initiative will encourage youth to respect diversity, think globally, value human rights, recognize injustice and respond to conflict with methods other than violence. These resources will engage children and youth in the search for a culture of peace in their homes, their schools, their neighbourhoods and their global community.

Cultivating Peace Resources
This initiative is being developed by Classroom Connections, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting publicly funded education by providing free learning resources to schools across the country. See individual modules for a list of Cultivating Peace Steering Committee members.

New Resource Now Available: Cultivating Peace — Taking Action
The second resource in the series is now available. Delivery to registered school boards began in the spring of 2004. The resource is designed for use in grades 10, 11 and 12:

  • Social Science/Social Studies
  • History, Geography and Politics
  • Civics, Law and World Issues
  • Sociology and Psychology

Click here to view the materials available.

Also Available: Cultivating Peace in the 21st Century
The first resource in the series was delivered to registered schools in August 2002. It is designed for use in secondary school social science/social studies and History courses.

Click here to view the materials available.

Cultivating Peace Resources
Classroom Connections will continue to develop resources in the Cultivating Peace series.
If you have ideas for resources that you would like to see developed, or you are interested in reviewing or pilot testing new materials in this initiative, click here.
In order to facilitate future projects, the Cultivating Peace Education Fund has been created so that individuals, community groups and corporations can make charitable donations to the project. If you, your class or your school would like to raise money to support peace education in Canada, click here.

Cultivating Peace Resources
We are proud to be joined in this venture by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as well as Canadian Heritage. The first two modules in the Cultivating Peace series are being made available free to schools through their support. We would also like to recognize the RCMP National Youth Strategy for contributing to Module One, and CHUM television and MUCHMusic for joining us as media sponsors. Support materials accompanying Module Two were provided by Soka Gakkai International Association of Canada and TakingITGlobal. We thank all of our supporters for their strong belief that Canada is a country that fosters and values respect for others, acceptance of diversity and social inclusion, and that these qualities are key to creating a culture of peace.



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