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A culture of peace will be achieved when citizens of the
world understand global problems, have the skills to resolve
conflicts and struggle for justice non-violently, live by
international standards of human rights and equity,
appreciate cultural diversity, and respect the Earth and each
other. Such learning can only be achieved with systematic
education for peace.“
- Hague Agenda for Peace & Justice for the 21st Century -

The tragic events of 2001 and the escalation of conflicts around the world have focussed attention on the urgent issue of global stability and world peace. Long- term solutions require substantial shifts in how people of all cultures view global citizenship, resolution of conflict and respect for human rights. The strongest force available to shape cultural change is education.

The goal of the Cultivating Peace Education Fund is to create resources for schools across Canada that will assist educators and community leaders to educate for change. The resources and programs created through this initiative will encourage this generation of youth to: respect diversity; value inclusion; protect the environment; recognize injustice and respond to conflict with methods other than violence. These resources will engage children and youth in the search for a Culture of Peace in our homes, our schools, our neighbourhoods and our global communities.

Societal change starts with educating our youth.

Taking Action:
To meet this objective we are working with our charitable partner, The Canadian Centre for Quality Education and Opportunity. Together, we have created the Cultivating Peace Fund to allow citizens and corporations to donate money to projects that promote a Culture of Peace. This fund will provide a mechanism for long term, sustainable funding to support the continuous development of educational and community based programs, materials, projects and events that educate youth in the concepts of peace, democracy, respect and inclusion.

Make your tax deductible donation to the Cultivating Peace Education Fund:

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Send a cheque payable to “CCQE+O-Cultivating Peace Fund“ to:

Cultivating Peace Education Fund
c/o The Canadian Centre for Quality Education and Opportunity
439 University Ave., Ste. 1850
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