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Cultivating Peace - Taking Action
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Materials Provided


Taking Stock
(PDF 144KB)

Students assess predominant cultural messages regarding peace and violence as well as their own beliefs about the nature of social change and personal responsibility. The preconditions needed for a culture of peace are examined, and various perspectives on the need for action, ways to effect change and the motivation for taking action are explored.


  • Taking Stock survey
  • Words into Action


The Power of Knowledge
(PDF 168KB)

Using fair trade coffee as a case study, students examine the importance of awareness and knowledge in effecting social change. Sources of information are explored, and criteria are developed for evaluating the credibility of online sources of information.


  • Degrees of Action
  • Fair Trade Jigsaw
  • Evaluating Websites


Why Bother?
(PDF 196KB)

Through a Global Trivia challenge, students are exposed to a variety of facts relating to global issues. Students explore their own perspectives on what needs change and who is responsible for taking action. Barriers to involvement as well as factors that support youth participation are addressed.


  • Global Trivia
  • Barriers to Action
  • The 12-Step Plan for Recovering Apathetics
  • Supporting Action


What’s Possible?
(PDF 208KB)

Through the analysis of an article and a video presentation, students explore the connections between a culture of peace and issues in sustainable development and create concept maps to demonstrate understanding of the interconnections. Students analyze real life examples of individuals, groups and institutions making change locally and globally and connect their actions to the preconditions needed to attain a culture of peace.


  • Sustainability and Security
  • A Quiet Revolution
  • Making a Difference cards


  • A Quiet Revolution


Getting Ready
(PDF 168KB)

By selecting items for a portfolio and revisiting the Taking Stock survey from Theme 1, students reflect on their learning process and the skills and knowledge acquired. Using the Earth Charter as a template, students choose an issue of interest and identify actions possible to instigate change. Through a web search of innovative campaigns for youth and research on youth taking action, students are exposed to a range of options and role models for taking action. Activities in this theme are designed to prepare students to take on an action project from Theme 6; however, the activities can also stand alone as culminating assessment pieces for the module.


  • Portfolio Rubric
  • Poster Rubric
  • Web Search
  • Campaign Case Study
  • Interview Activity

Resource Inserts

  • Earth Charter brochure
  • Seeds of Change poster series


Taking Action
(PDF 156KB)

This theme provides a selection of action projects that can be used as authentic culminating assessment activities. Project options include personal and group initiatives, and the suggestions are designed to reflect varied possibilities for taking action and multiple methods for demonstrating learning objectives.


  • Project Overview
  • Choosing daily Change
  • Careers with a Conscience
  • Building a Website
  • Creating a Public Service Announcement
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Lobbying for Change
  • Peacemaker Awards
  • Planning an Event
  • Event Funding and Promotion
  • Event Rubric

Download entire package of themes: TA - Resources All (PDF 544KB)

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