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Our Mandate
Classroom Connections is a non-profit organization dedicated to instigating positive societal change by strengthening the education and parenting of Canada's youth. The organization was founded on the simple premise that real societal transformation has to start with our children. Each individual child is an opportunity for fundamental change in our world, and the two greatest forces shaping that opportunity are parents and public education.

Our History
Recognizing these forces as keys to change, Classroom Connections began in 1997 as a local educational support organization serving 1000 schools and parents in the province of Ontario. Initial efforts focused on providing much needed teaching resources to schools faced with massive cutbacks, curriculum overhaul and increased demands on teaching staff. In 1998, Classroom Connections was registered as a non-profit corporation. In four years, the company has provided more than 15 free support resources to teachers and parents in school districts representing 75% of schools nation wide. To view our resources, please visit our website at

What We Do
Classroom Connections works with major education organizations in Canada (such as the Canadian Education Association and the Canadian Home and School Federation) and with a network of teachers from across the country. Through these partnerships, we determine gaps in available resources and develop program ideas to meet these gaps. We then work to match these program needs with potential funders and assemble a steering committee of field experts to advise on program development. New resources are pilot tested in schools and reviewed by educational specialists and Curriculum Services Canada ( School districts that have registered with us are alerted to the new resource, and it is delivered to the district for distribution within their schools.

Why Are the Resources Free?
Registration is free and the resources are provided to the schools at no cost. We believe strongly that equal access is an important factor in a democratic education system. Resources for parents and children that foster social responsibility are crucial and should not be limited to those schools or parents who can afford to buy them. Funding for our projects is raised through a combination of foundation, business and government donations and sponsorships. We abide by strict partnership guidelines to ensure our funding is responsible and ethical.

How do Schools Get Our Materials?

  • School Boards across Canada register with Classroom Connections for free
  • Materials are distributed to schools/communities when they become available

Is my Board registered?  CLICK HERE

What Kind of Materials do We Develop?

  • Teacher's Guides
  • Teacher's Reference Materials
  • Student Handbooks
  • Student Activities
  • Parent Programs
  • Parent Reference Material
  • School/Community Workshops
  • Videos, CD ROMs
  • Web mounted materials

Here are some of the programs that Classroom Connections has distributed to schools nationally.
Program Grade Subject Description
Strangers Becoming Us 5-8 Social Studies, Language Arts Lessons and activities designed to increase understanding of the contribution immigration has played in Canadian history and society.
Strangers Becoming Us 9-11 History, ESL A study of immigration and the effects on Canada's history and future.
Gift of Life 5-8 Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts Lessons and activities designed to support human body curriculum and increase awareness and understanding about organ donation and transplantation programs in Canada.
Literacy Connections K-3 Language Arts, Literacy, Parent Workshop A workshop that teaches parents and caregivers how to read with their children.
Reading Buddies Program 9-12 English The volunteer reader guide for secondary students to become a reading buddy to elementary students.
Celebrating Diversity 4-8

Language Arts, Citizenship, Social Science/Social Studies, Health & Physical Education

A teaching resource to foster inclusive classrooms and appreciation for human diversity

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Want More Information?

To find out more about our resources or to get information on registering your district, please contact us.
By mail: 31 Cavell Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1L5
By email:
By phone: 1-888-882-8865
By fax: 416-466-3104

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